Chemistry Education – Blumenau

03/05/2016 16:55

UFSC Chemistry Education Program (Blumenau Campus) trains students to have a career in teaching in both primary and secondary school, according to the specific law, with diverse teaching methodologies; to contribute to the learners’ intellectual development and attract scientific interest in adolescents; to set up and use chemistry labs; to produce and analyze course books and supplementary materials and survey chemistry reference; and to analyze and elaborate programs for these education levels.

The program includes courses in Organic and Biological Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Solutions and Equilibria between phases, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis methods, Tools and Strategies for Teaching Chemistry, School Organization, Didactics, Supervised Internship, among others. All courses are held in the evening.

Graduates will have a solid and comprehensive understanding of various chemistry subjects and will possess adequate pedagogical skills to apply such knowledge, and those of other related areas, to basic, technical and technological education.

They should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid and comprehensive knowledge of chemistry;
  • Show critical capacity to evaluate their own knowledge;
  • Assimilate new scientific and/or educational knowledge and reflect upon the ethical behavior expected from their profession and their relations with the social-economical, political and cultural contexts;
  • Associate the teaching of chemistry to all areas of human development, in pursuit of knowledge interdisciplinarity;
  • Keep up with and understand the educational and scientific-technological advances;
  • Practice their profession with a dynamic and creative spirit, in search of new educational alternatives, and face the difficulties of teaching as challenges.


Program Length:
9 semesters
+55 47 3232-5101