03/05/2016 16:52

UFSC Department of Chemistry offers two bachelor’s degree in Chemistry: one with focus on teaching (licenciatura) and the other with focus on technological chemistry (bacharelado). Both degrees share common core courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

The teaching degree prepares professionals for the teaching of chemistry in secondary school. Among the subjects are: School Organization, Chemistry Education, Tools and Strategies for Teaching Chemistry, Experimental Chemistry Class Environments, Teaching Methodology, Educational Psychology, Brazilian Sign Language and Didactics.  The program offers in-depth studies on fundamental aspects of all areas of chemistry, providing students with knowledge of basic laboratory techniques. Graduates present a strong knowledge of Chemistry subjects and adequate pedagogical skills to work as secondary school teachers.

The degree with focus on technological chemistry aims to prepare professionals for the development of research in industries or academic institutions. The program offers strong theoretical and practical foundations which enable graduates to follow a career in research and to pursue graduate studies in Chemistry. The continued studies in graduate school, especially doctoral programs, allows graduates to teach in Universities or in research centers. The program also provides students with knowledge of the techniques currently used in chemical laboratories.

The graduate in technological chemistry is qualified for a career in the development of chemical products and processes, especially in Fine Chemistry, a field dedicated to the development of more elaborate products, such as catalysts, dyes, food additives, pharmaceuticals, etc. The program includes courses in Chemical Industries, Introduction to Chemical Processes, Fermentation Technology, Fine and Applied Chemistry, Economics and Industrial Organization and Industrial Microbiology. The graduate can work in the production and previous or complementary treatments of chemicals and waste. S/he may also work in the operation, maintenance, direction and execution of chemical industry operations, processes and processing. Therefore, the program aims to qualify professionals mainly for industrial activity.

Program Length:
8 semesters
Faculty Members:
40 doctors
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