Film Studies

03/05/2016 16:59

UFSC Film Studies Program was created in 2005. With focus on theory, criticism and screenwriting, this is the only degree in Film Studies offered at a public university in the state of Santa Catarina. Students acquire knowledge of creativity, aesthetics, planning and production techniques, history of film and theoretical principles for film criticism.

Within the program, cinema is understood as artistic expression, economic production and cultural phenomenon. Through digital film making, students are provided with constant opportunities to put into practice their knowledge of film techniques, theory and screenwriting, which are fed back by the practice of film criticism.

The areas of work in the field of film studies are very broad, and include film production, distribution and exhibition, criticism, implementation of cultural policies, development of audiovisual projects, and film pedagogy. Therefore, the practical activities developed in the program contribute effectively for the graduates’ entry in the job market. They can work in audiovisual production companies, TV networks, communication and marketing departments of companies, government agencies, advertisement films, and distribution and exhibition chains.


Program Length:
8 semesters
Faculty Members:
11 Doctors
2 Masters
+55 48  3721-6543