Computer Engineering – Araranguá

03/05/2016 16:56

Computer Engineering studies are strongly based on Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Mathematics, Electrics and Digital Electronics. All great technological advances have a computer as the main element of their structure. Still, the perception that high-tech products have an embedded computer, composed of hardware and software components, is not always evident. The area of knowledge which studies this integration is called Embedded Computer Systems. We interact today with an ever-greater variety of smart products and objects of everyday life, due to the embedded presence of computers and programs within these products. In a futuristic scenario, all objects designed for human interaction would count with an embedded computer. Therefore, the challenge of building such scenario lies primarily with the Computer Engineer, who has the necessary skills to create, analyze, design and implement large-scale construction processes of innovations arising from the intersection of the sciences and technologies that support them.


Program length: 5094 class hours (50min) = 4245 h.

Time limit for degree completion: Minimum: 5 years / Maximum: 9 years

Address: Campus Jardim das Avenidas Campus, Rodovia Governador Jorge Lacerda, 3201 – Jardim das Avenidas – Araranguá – SC CEP 88.906-072

Courses are held during the day and evening (full-time)

* This information is subject to change according to periodic revisions of the program curriculum.


Program Length:
10 semesters
+55 48 3721-6448 / 3721.4680