Energy Engineering – Araranguá

03/05/2016 17:30

Energy Engineering is focused on providing solutions for a current serious challenge related to energy production, storage, distribution and utilization, and to the impacts of these processes.  Within this context, energy must be understood in a broad sense, not only as electrical energy. We need energy in our homes, schools, hospitals, in industrial processes, cargo and passenger transportation, and so on. Energy is the driving force for the development and promotion of quality of life. In order to obtain energy in the place and amount needed, we must know what nature has to offer us and be able to map our natural resources. Besides, we need to know efficient methods to convert these resources into usable forms for energy. Finally, we must also be aware of the impacts caused by energy exploration and utilization in order to ensure not only social and economical sustainability but also environmental sustainability.  These are some of the challenges faced by the field of energy engineering that makes the program extremely attractive for those interested in innovation and finding strategic solutions in a constantly growing market.

Such a grand challenge requires a multidisciplinary training based on foundations that can promote the next technological revolutions. For such, the Energy Engineering program at UFSC is based on the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Control, Materials and Environmental Engineering, and Earth Sciences. The energy engineer should be able to integrate technologies that bring together components of all these areas of knowledge.



Program length: 4.320 class hours (50min) = 3.600 h.

Time limit for degree completion: Minimum: 5 years / Maximum: 9 years

Address: Campus Jardim das Avenidas, Rod. Governador Jorge Lacerda, 3201 – Jardim das Avenidas – Araranguá – SC CEP 88.906-072

Courses are held in the afternoon and evening.


Program Length:
10 semesters
+55 48 3721.6448 / 3721-4680