Interdisciplinary Program in Mobility – Joinville

03/05/2016 18:11

This three-year bachelor’s degree program aims to prepare professionals for the development of technical activities in the areas of Vehicle Technology and Transportation Technology.

Graduates will have the necessary skills to work in all technical activities of the industrial or services field, including those which require logical thinking, technical drawing, computing, mathematics, statistics, management and maintenance, as the program includes core courses in engineering. They are able to work in all technical activities without, however, being entitled to issue Technical Responsibility Notes (ARTs), according to Law no. 6.496/77.  After completion of the program, graduates can pursue further studies in graduate school or return to UFSC to continue their undergraduate education in one of the engineering programs that relate to mobility.


Program Length:
6 semesters (3 years)
Faculty members:
65 doctors
6 masters
1 specialist
+55 47 3461 5900