Mathematics and Computational Science

03/05/2016 18:22

UFSC Mathematics Program offers two types of bachelor’s degree: one with focus on education, that leads to a teaching license (licenciatura), and the other with focus on computational science (bacharelado).

The Mathematics degree with focus on Computational Science prepares students for a research career, as they are encouraged to continue their studies in graduate school, either in Mathematics or in other related areas. The program aims to develop professionals who are able to reflect upon mathematical concepts,  develop new theories and show results that will contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Besides pursuing an academic career, Mathematics and Computational Science graduates can work in research institutes or in companies where there are mathematical problems for which computer-based solutions are required. Although the applicant must choose between one of the two qualifications (Education or Computational Science) prior to the entrance examination, both are part of the Mathematics Program.


Program Length:
8 semesters
Faculty members:
35 doctors
11 masters
+55 48 3721 9652