Mathematics (Education)

03/05/2016 18:21

UFSC Mathematics Program offers two types of bachelor’s degree: one with focus on education, that leads to a teaching license (licenciatura), and the other with focus on computational science (bacharelado).

The Mathematics degree with focus on education enables students to have a career in teaching in both primary and secondary schools. Its curriculum offers a solid mathematical and pedagogical foundation to prepare teachers who are able to contextualize concepts and create new approaches for teaching contents.

Besides the required courses, Mathematics students may take specific courses that will allow them to teach Drawing in primary and secondary schools or Physics in secondary school.

For degree completion, a supervised teaching practice is mandatory. This practice allows students to experience their future career challenges.

Since its first participation in 1998, UFSC Mathematics Program continually achieved grade A in the Provão,  a national exam that used to be carried out by the Ministry of Education to assess undergraduate programs.


Program Length:
Day program: 8 semesters
Evening program: 10 semesters
Faculty members:
35 Doctors
11 Masters
+55 48 3721 9652