04/05/2016 12:22

The teaching of Pharmacy in the state of Santa Catarina dates back to 1917, with the creation of the Polytechnic Institute, which offered courses in dentistry, pharmacy, commerce, land surveying and pilotage. The institute was open until 1934. After that, Pharmacy was taught again in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry of the state of Santa Catarina, established in 1946. It became part of UFSC as a separate unity (Faculty of Pharmacy) in 1960, year of the university’s foundation.

According to the opinion no. 1300/01 of the National Council of Education (CNE) and the Superior Board of Education (CSE), the Pharmacy graduate should have the following profile: a broad, humanist, critical and reflective qualification to work in all levels of health care, with scientific and intellectual accuracy; able to perform activities related to drugs and medicines, clinical and toxicological analysis, food control, production and analysis, based on ethical principles and on the understanding of the social, cultural and economical reality of his or her environment; aimed at the transformation of reality for the benefits of society.

UFSC Pharmacy Program focuses on a student-centered learning, in which the role of the professor is that of a facilitator and mediator in the teaching and learning process. Its aim is to provide a full and appropriate education through the articulation of teaching, research, outreach and assistance. The pharmacist graduated from UFSC should have a qualification that considers the social needs in terms of health, the comprehensive heath care in the regionalized and hierarchical system of reference and counter-reference, and teamwork, with emphasis on the Unified Health System (SUS). The program is full-time, with classes held in the morning and in the afternoon.


Program Length:
10 semesters
Faculty members:
72% Doctors
17% Masters
3,6% Specialists
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