Social Work

04/05/2016 12:33

The Social Work Program trains professionals to work in the defense and guarantee of civil, political and social rights, based on democracy and freedom. The social worker can formulate and execute social proposals through public policies or policies from private companies, civil society organizations and social movements.

The work includes the development of research to support the formulation of policies and develop professional actions.  Among the competencies required of the social work assistant are guiding the population towards the identification of resources to fulfill and defend their rights and conducting socio-economic studies to identify social needs. Social work graduates can also have a career in education, supervise interns or coordinate Social Work courses and teaching units.

Job opportunities for the social work assistant are in expansion in Brazil due to the provision of social security established in the Constitution, the ever larger number of social projects implemented by organizations in society, and the great importance given to civil liability by the business sector. The market is diverse and includes Municipal Governments, Guardianship Councils, Management Councils, Rights Councils,

Non-Governmental Organizations, Departments of Justice, Health, and Social Development, besides hospitals and medical cooperatives.

UFSC Social Work Program draws on two basic considerations: the professional intervention dimension and the investigative spirit necessary to be able to recognize and understand the processes of social exclusion. Departing from these elements, the student can enable and establish concrete actions.

The program is structured in three sections: theoretical and methodological foundations of social life, socio-historical foundations of Brazilian society, and foundations of the social work profession. In the early stages, students take general courses, such as History of Brazil and Political Science. In the 7th semester, they take a supervised internship, and, in the 8th semester, they must write a final paper (TCC).


Program Length:
9 semesters
Faculty members:
22 Doctors
+55 48 3721 9538