Veterinary Medicine – Curitibanos

04/05/2016 12:38

Offered exclusively in the Curitibanos Campus, UFSC Veterinary Medicine Program has a length of 5 years, divided into 10 semesters, of which 9 semesters are comprised of theoretical and practical courses and the 10th semester consists of a compulsory internship component. The program provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop actions and results aimed at animal health, development of biotechnology, and environmentally conscious animal and food production, strengthening the concept of a free, public and quality education. UFSC Veterinary Medicine graduates are professionals who have a humanist, critical and reflective profile which enables them to understand and translate the needs of individuals, social groups and communities. Their professional tasks may include: clinical and surgical veterinary medicine; animal production; conduction of veterinary medicine courses and direction of respective units and laboratories; technical investigations, with emphasis on animal health protection and animal food production; management of small, medium and large enterprises or rural properties and public health; besides the study of molecular biology, transgenic animals, and stem cell-based gene therapy.  


Program Length: 10 semesters
Phone: +55 48 3721-6270

Courses are held during the day.