Services for the Community

Several projects are developed at UFSC for the university and the community in general, offering services free of charge. Some of these projects are described below.


Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Therapy Clinic

Speech and Language Therapy Clinic

UFSC’s Speech Therapy and Language Teaching Clinic offers support in issues related to communication, providing evaluation and therapy in the areas of oral and written language, voice, orofacial myology and dysphagia. It also offers literacy workshops and treatments for students with problems in oral or written language, people with aphasia and dementia at an early stage, and children with difficulties in reading and writing (between 10 and 13 years old).

The appointments take place in the afternoon and in the evening, for all ages.

Further information: +55 48 3721-6111

Address: Rectorate Building II, Juiz Vitor Lima St., 222, 2nd floor, Trindade, Florianópolis.

Visit the website:


Speech and Hearing

The Laboratory for Speech and Hearing Studies at the University Hospital is a high complexity service of reference to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing loss in adults and children up to three years old. It also receives patients with related problems, such as neurological and psychological diseases, genetic syndromes, blindness and low vision. The laboratory also conducts newborn hearing screens tests and provides infant stimulation in the NICU.

Further information: +55 48 3721-9118



Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

UFSC’s Dental Clinic offers the following services:

  • oral hygiene instruction;
  • prophylaxis (teeth cleaning);
  • extraction;
  • restoration;
  • fixed dental prosthesis;
  • denture:
  • surgery;
  • root canal treatment; and
  • lesion diagnosis and radiography.

The clinic also offers differentiated services such as the services from the Center for Attention to Patients with Dentofacial Deformity (Napdf).

Except for emergencies, the patient must schedule an appointment after consulting in a public health center.

The clinic is opened Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm, and is located in the School of Health Sciences (CCS).

Triage sector: +55 48 3721-9631





UFSC’s Psychological Care Service (Sapsi), located in theschool of Human Sciences and Philosophy (CFH), works as a center for Applied Psychology and offers support in a range of areas. Currently, it includes the Psychological Care Group for Patients with Autoimmune Skin Diseases (Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Vitiligo).

Further information: +55 48 3721-9402/3721-4989

Visit the website:

The Laboratory of Information and Career Guidance (LIOP) develops activities and informational material for career guidance, in partnership with the Department of Journalism. The laboratory is an outreach project of SAPSI and offers individual and group counseling services, for both students and the community.

Services include the following:

– Career Guidance to Teenagers

– Career Guidance to University students

– Individual Career Counseling

– Aposent-AÇÃO (for retired people)

Applications should be done in person at SAPSI (CFH).

Further information: +55 48 3721-4989

Visit the website:


Immigrant and Refugee Support

  • Intercultural Clinic

Clinical intervention with refugees and immigrants that: have been exposed to extreme situations (wars, genocides, torture); show severe symptoms of psychological stress or post-traumatic condition; express this stress through culturally decoded symptoms; are of foreign origin and present mental health problems related to acculturation and adaptation to the host society. Appointments are made at the Psychological Care Service (Sapsi) at UFSC.

Further information: +55 48 3721-8571
Visit the website:


  • Immigrant and Refugee Support Center

The Immigrant and Refugee Support Center (NAIR) is an outreach servered offered in partnership between UFSC and the Florianópolis Immigrant Pastoral, with the aim of giving support to newcomer immigrants. NAIR is linked to the Center for Decolonial and Postcolonial Research and Practices applied to International Relations and to International Law (Eirenè).

The service is provided by Law and International Relation students and it also includes integration activities extended to the university community. The initiative seeks to encourage peace, tolerance and multiculturalism, essencial for the areas covered by the project.

Further information: +44 48 3304-6348
Visit the website:


Legal Assistance



UFSC’s Office for Legal Assistance (Emaj) allows access to justice for people who cannot afford private assistance. The office has its own building, attached to the School of Law, and is structured as follows:

Labor matters: Monday

Criminal matters: Tuesday

Civil matters: Wednesday

Family matters: Thursday

For triage, the applicant must bring copies of ID, CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry), proof of income (up to three minimum wages) and of current address.

Opening hours: from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to  6pm.

Appointments: Monday to Thursday, from 9:10 am to 11 am and from 2:20 pm to 4 pm.

Further information: +55 48 3721-9410 / 3721-6523

Visit the website:



Farmácia Escola

Farmácia Escola

UFSC’s Farmácia Escola provides services to users/patients related to their medicine needs. It is a multiple space for professional education, experimentation and investigation on teaching, services and therapies, as well as for the development of social work. Through an agreement with the Municipality of Florianópolis, it serves patients from the Basic Component for Pharmaceutical Care and from the Specialized Component for Pharmaceutical Assistance (CEAF).

The CEAF is a strategy for the access to medicines within Brazilian’s Unified Health System (SUS), characterized by the pursuit of ensuring the completeness of the medicine treatment on an outpatient basis, whose care lines are set in Clinical Protocols and Therapeutic Guidelines published by the Ministry of Health. The implementation of CEAF involves the following steps: application, evaluation, authorization, dispensation and renewal of continuity of the treatment.

To start the application process, the patient or his/her guardian must go to the Farmácia Escola and submit the following documents of the patient:

  • Copy of the National Heath Card (CNS);
  • Copy of ID, whose authenticity will be certified by the responsible for receiving the application, according to the original ID;
  • Report of request, evaluation and authorization of medicines from the Specialized Component for Pharmaceutical Assistance (LME), duly completed;
  • Duly completed medical prescription;
  • Documents required in the Clinical Protocols and Therapeutic Guideline published in their final version by the Ministry of Education, according to the disease and the medicine requested;
  • Copy of the proof of address.

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm, and Wednesday, from 9am to 3pm.

Address: Delfino Conti Street, no number, Trindade.

For further information, visit the website:



UFSC’s Amanhecer Project offers integrative and complementary therapies, courses and lectures, research activities, as well as primary health care, through volunteer work and a multidisciplinary health team.

Enrollment opens every two months for: individual therapies (psychotherapy, body therapies and energy therapies), group therapies (Yoga, Acroyoga, Biodanza, OM healing, Self healing and Planetary healing experience, Meditative Dance, Healthy Heart Program and Holistic Gymnastics), collective therapies (Reiki and Quantum Apometry), and courses (Tao Yoga, Life coaching, Reiki and Experiential Astrology).

With these therapies, beyond promotion and recovery, the Project seeks to work from the perspective of empowerment for people to gain autonomy in the prevention and maintenance of their health.

Further information: +55 483721-8055

Opening hours: From 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Located at the Training Building of the University Hospital, in the Florianópolis Campus.

Visit the website:



The Center for Breastfeeding Encouragement, besides being a breast milk collection station, offers support through its technical staff to women who have difficulties in breastfeeding. It caters for women who gave birth in the University Hospital’s maternity unit or in other institutions.

Further information: +55 48 3721-8019





UFSC’s Center for Elderly Studies (Neti) offers various activities for older people, aiming at their living together, the dissemination of knowledge, leisure and quality of life. With a focus on continuing education, it offers courses, groups, workshops and projects for the update and social inclusion of the elderly student. The Center also provides consulting and advice for the community, in partnership with government and non-government entities.

Further Information: +55 483721-9445/3721-2979
Visit the website:


Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease

The process of diagnosis of leishmaniasis in Santa Catarina has been improving due to the sophisticated molecular biology techniques used in the Protozoology Laboratory from the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology at UFSC. Since 2000, the laboratory is reference in the state for the diagnosis of leishmaniasis and Chagas disease, and the only one to perform molecular testing for confirmation of the diagnosis. Exam requests arrive from all across the state at UFSC, which verifies if the patient is actually infected by the parasite.

Further information: +55 483721-5516/3721-5517
Visit the website:


Neurofeedback for Stress

The extension project “Assistance in the treatment of stress symptoms through modulation of physiological parameters”, developed by the Laboratory of Neurometrics and Biofeedback (Lanebi) at UFSC, offers a neurofeedback treatment  that can reduce or suppress symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress, among others. The free service  is targeted at adults and consists of 30 sessions of 1h30min each, taking place twice a week.

The Neurofeedback – a type of Biofeedback – is a self-control practice that has several advantages: it is not invasive, it is not pharmacological, and it has long-term effects.

Further information:


Other services

Central Library

University Libraries System and Informational Accessibility Environment

Digital collection with nearly 20.000 historical images of Santa Catarina

Florianópolis Reading Circle

Digital Inclusion Room

• Center for Elderly Studies (Neti)

Support group for family members of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease – +55 483721-9480

Support group for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and their family members – +55 483721-9399

• University Hospital (HU)

Pregnant women and couples group

Genetic Counseling  – +55 483721-9154

Multidisciplinary caref or prevention and treatment of dyslipidemia in the university community

Nutrition actions for patients with chronic kidney disease in the SUS

Interdisciplinary support group to patients who underwent stomach-reduction surgery

HPV Project – Preventive vaccine against the four main types of HPV

Maternity/Kangoroo Mother Care – humanized care for premature newborn -+55 483721-8033 / 3721-8284

Salim Miguel Reading Room

Hospital Hospitality House Amigos do HU

• School of Communication and Expression (CCE)

Extracurricular language courses and placement tests

Digital library for literary texts

Training in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)

• School of Social Economics (CSE)

Advice in accounting

Center for Studies in Social Service and Social Organization – +55 48 3721-4941

Digital inclusion project for indigenous people – Indígena Digital – +55 483721-6483

• School of Sports (CDS)

Physical activities for the community

Adaptive sports for people with disabilities

Body Practices – Yoga, Belly Dance, Afro Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance and improvisation – +55 483721-8561

• Laboratory School (Colégio de Aplicação – CA)

Labrinca – Toy Room

Bilica – Free Library of Campeche

Espaço Estético

University Museum (MarquE)

12:30 Project – Artistic performances taking place every two weeks at UFSC’s acoustical shell.

• Center for Azorean Studies (NEA)

Rescue of the Azorean Culture

Saber Fazer Project – +55 483721-8605

Santa Catarina Azorean Culture Fest

• Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory

Astronomy sessions, courses and lectures

Project “Astronomia e Física vão à escola e à comunidade”

Astronomical Observation and Astrophysics group

• School of Health Sciences (CCS)

Projects “Terapeutas da Alegria” and “Humanizarte

EpiFloripa Research– studies on the health and living conditions of the adult and elderly population of Florianópolis – +55 48 3721-2223

Garden of Medicinal Plants (CCS) – +55 483721-9787

• School of Human Sciences and Philosophy (CFH)

Gender Studies

National Institute of Science and TechnologyBrasil Plural”

Laboratory of Studies on Violence –+55 483721-9714

• Department of Arts and Culture (DAC)

UFSC’s Choir and Chamber Orchestra


Cafés Culturais

Collaborative Center for School Food and Nutrition (food and nutrition safety of the student enrolled in public or philanthropic schools of primary and secondary education)

Continuing Education for Professionals of the Municipal Public School System (NDI)

English Without Borders program

Fortresses of the Santa Catarina Island

Green Room (Sala Verde)– Ecological education activities

Hydroponics Laboratory

Imagine Project– fundamental scientific knowledge to communities of different countries with difficult access to formal education and scientific information.

Laboratory of Aquatic Mammals – Environmental Education

Laboratory of Sea Mollusks – “Elpídio Beltrame” Mariculture Station at Barra da Lagoa – support to mariculture farmers, certification and genetic improvement of oysters

Multidisciplinary Center for Studies on Traffic Accidents (Fire-Rescue-Health)– +55 483235-3559

National Disasters Studies Group

Plant pest and disease clinic

Prevention of Problems Related to Drug Use – Training course for community leaders and council members

Social Technologies for Water Management

Teaching, Research and Outreach week (Sepex)

Teatro Novo Research Group– Street Theatre, Puppets and performances in concert halls

University Center for Studies and Researches on Disasters

English Without Borders program



• Toxicological Information Center (CIT)

The CIT, located in the University Hospital, is a center of reference in the state of Santa Catarina in the area of Clinical Toxicology, specialized in providing information for the diagnosis and treatment of intoxication and poisoning. It has a 24 hours on call service for specific information on an urgent basis to health professionals, particularly doctors of public hospitals and outpatient clinics, and on an preventive/educational basis for the public in general, either directly or by calling 0800-6435252.

Further information:

• Santa Catarina State Telemedicine and Telehealth System

The Laboratory for Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (LabTelemed) operates in the University Hospital’s Informatics Department. The laboratory offers infrastructure to the conduction of Research and Development (R&D) works among students of Medicine and Computer Science at UFSC, through the Cyclops Project, in the development of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) technologies and medical image and signal processing and interpretation technologies.

Further information: +55 48 3212-1655

Visit the website:



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