Office of Affirmative Actions and Diversities (SAAD)
Secretary: Francis Solange Vieira Tourinho

Office of Culture and Arts (SeCArte)
Secretary: Maria de Lourdes Alves Borges

Office of Distance Learning (SEAD)
Secretary: Fernando Ostuni Gauthier

Office of Innovation (SINOVA)
Secretary: Cláudio José Amante

Office of Institutional Improvement (SEAI)
Secretary: Luiz Henrique Urquhart Cademartori

Office of Institutional Security (SSI)
Secretary: Leandro Luiz de Oliveira

Office of International Relations (SINTER)
Secretary: Lincoln P. Fernandes

Office of Planning and Budget (SEPLAN)
Secretary: Vladimir Arthur Fey

Office of Sports (SESP)
Secretary: Edison Roberto de Souza

Office of Works, Maintenance and Environment (SEOMA)
Secretary: Paulo Roberto Pinto da Luz